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We offer to use the services of our company and rent a car directly to Tbilisi. Making a lease in any convenient way for you, you will get rid of the headache and provide yourself with comfort, starting with free delivery of the car or meeting at the airport, throughout the stay and ending again with free wires at the airport. Tbilisi is a unique city, attracting the attention of many tourists. Numerous alleys, enchanting boulevards, avenues and avenues require a lot of time and patience. Our cars of any category suitable for you, together with an experienced driver or without it, will be able to solve literally all the problems that arise and help you to inspect not only the city, but also any regions you like. Read more about Tbilisi here

Within 20 minutes from Tbilisi it is easy to find yourself in Mtskheta. This is an ancient city, recently restored with the preservation of identity. It is worth exploring the city itself with paved streets and the oldest Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles Svetitskhoveli, representing an incredible architectural value of the 11th century. It is also strongly recommended to climb the Jtvari Temple, elevated above Mtkvari, dating back to the 7th century AD. and received the status of the first World Heritage site in Georgia. The best way to get to Mtskheta and Jvari is, of course, renting a car, so without our service you definitely can not do!

For 1 hour drive from the capital on comfortable cars of our company you can reach the homeland of Georgian wine - Kakheti. Due to the small distance and convenient location of many attractions, this region is accessible throughout the year. Kakheti - this is the case when we strongly recommend using the services of our sober driver to get a full pleasure from tasting in wineries or at rich feasts in the circle of friends. And yet, Kakheti is famous for its unique city of love - Signagi, where numerous couples tie themselves up at any time of the day!

In Kakheti, you should also pay attention to the monastery complex of David Gareji. This object is interesting not only for the cultural point of view, but also for the basis of the landscape aspect. Twenty cave monasteries, built by the Syrian monk David among the colored hills dating back to the 6th century AD, are incredibly harmonious with the stunningly beautiful local landscape. Definitely from the mas-si points of Georgia, to reach which without our help will be impossible.

rom the objects of cultural and historical significance in remote areas of Georgia, our company offers to visit the Rabat Fortress in Akhaltsikhe, which is 200 km from Tbilisi. Completed in the Ottoman architectural style and built around the 16th century AD. The fortress stretches 380 m from east to west and 150 m from north to south. It consists of two impressive tiers, where the upper fortress with the Akhaltsikhe citadel has a museum purpose, and the lower tier is adapted to the comfortable stay of tourists. Here are hotels, restaurants, shops and all kinds of salons and wine studios.

Georgia is known not only for its wines, history and ancient architecture, but also for its extraordinary nature. We suggest using our car tours on the landscape areas of Western Georgia. The most high-mountainous area is Svanetia. The distance from Tbilisi to the city of Mestia is 450 km. The road here is not easy, but on our vehicles adapted to mountain conditions, the difficulties are worth it! Wild Gorges, Okace Canyon, Kinche Waterfall, Prometheus Caves, but most importantly, the stunning snow mountains Ushba, Tetnuld and the ancient Svan towers! Fans of the extreme environment collects the highest place in Europe - Ushguli at any time of the year. It is difficult to convey in words the sensation from the kind of medieval legend, the confluence of the sky with the earth, the fragrance of nature, freedom, and the taste of food-rich minerals!